From Albert Collins to Luther Allison

It’s time once again for another weekly top 5 playlist. This week we take a look at some true masters of the guitar – from Big Bill Bronzy to Joe Bonamassa.

  1. Luther Allison – Living in the house of the blues
  2. Mississippi John Hurt – You got to walk that lonesome valley
  3. Big Bill Bronzy – Baby Please Don’t Go
  4. Joe Bonamassa – A New Day Yesterday
  5. Albert Collins – I Ain’t Drunk

~ by Ian on January 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “From Albert Collins to Luther Allison”

  1. Scores and many thanks to the blues project for the education! Lots to learn and love from the top 5’s, am I alone in thinking bonamassa is amazing on guitar, great on vocals, but is missing some soul that makes the blues?

    • Hey Sherad, thanks for the comment. I see what you are saying with regards to Bonamassa. Whilst technically brilliant, it could be argued that he doesn’t quite live up to the soulful guitar greats. However, he does offer a contemporary, rock-fueled take on the genre that is definitely worth listening to (in our opinion at least!).

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