The Blues Train: Durban’s home of the blues

The Blues Train is a loose conglomerate of blues musicians who joined forces in 2000 to help put the genre on the map and forge a path for aspiring artists. As South Africa’s longest running blues organisation, the Blues Train has hosted the likes of SA legends Dan Patlansky, Albert Frost, Jerry Kunene, and Brian Thusi and has effectively boosted Durban’s status to that of ‘Blues Capital’.

After a long break, we’re thrilled to be getting back on stage with the likes of Blues Train regulars Will’s Blues Band and Bobby and the Dynamites. So we hope to see you all at Zack’s on Wilson’s Wharf tonight for an evening of awesome blues, tasty food (Zack’s make a good burger) and, in all likelihood, lots of beer!

For more info about the Blues Train, visit their website, or view our gig listing here. Here’s some photos from our previous forays at Zack’s to get you warmed up…


Andrew Dickinson, Gloucester Blues Project guitarist

Andrew Dickinson, lead guitarist


Mark McTaggart, Gloucester Blues Project bassist

Mark McTaggart, bassist

John Goodall, Gloucester Blues Project lead vocals and rhythm guitar

John Goodall, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist

Ian Dickinson, Gloucester Blues Project drummer

Ian Dickinson, drummer

~ by Ian on March 1, 2011.

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