The weekly top 5 playlist – 7 February (A tribute to Gary Moore)

Gary Moore playing guitar on stage

Gary Moore on stage, image courtesy of Harry (Howard) Potts/CC

The modern blues world was dealt a hefty blow yesterday when fifty-eight year old Belfast guitar genius Gary Moore sadly passed away in his hotel room in Spain. Moore was a giant of contemporary rock and blues having stretched his playing style from jazz and country to heavy metal and even techno. Perhaps best known for his work with Irish rockers Thin Lizzy, Gary also played with many rock and blues luminaries such as Skid Row (not the glam rock band), George Harrison and B.B. King. Moore’s grasp of solo phrasing and emotive lead guitar injected a potency and authenticity into his playing. A guitar never screamed quite like it did when in the hands of Gary Moore. Although it is difficult to choose only five songs from his long and illustrious career, we’ve managed to pick a selection that we feel really embodies the spirit of this blues-rock powerhouse. Here’s our Top 5 Tribute to the genius of Gary Moore.

  1. Gary Moore – Still Got the Blues
  2. Gary Moore – The Hurt Inside
  3. Gary Moore – Parsienne Walkways
  4. Gary Moore – The Blues is Alright
  5. Gary Moore – If you be my Baby

~ by Ian on February 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “The weekly top 5 playlist – 7 February (A tribute to Gary Moore)”

  1. That’s really sad, he was an amazing musician! His music will live on!

  2. Ya, sadly, death is often a good career move 😦

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