The weekly top 5 playlist – 24 January

It’s Beer Can Appreciation Day! And what better way to celebrate this most important of holidays than a collection of beer-related blues songs. From the growling vocals of Koko Taylor to that famous lyric from the Lizard King himself, here’s our Top 5 for this week:

  1. The Doors – Roadhouse Blues
  2. John Lee Hooker – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
  3. Koko Taylor – Beer Bottle Boogie
  4. AC DC – Have a Drink on Me
  5. Tom Waits – Warm Beer Cold Women

~ by Ian on January 24, 2011.

One Response to “The weekly top 5 playlist – 24 January”

  1. And don’t forget Homer Simpson’s beer song…
    DOH, the stuff that buys me beer;
    RAY, the guy that sells me beer;
    ME, the one who drinks the beer;
    FAR, a long run to get to beer;
    SO, I’ll have another beer;
    LA, I’ll have another beer;
    TEA, no thanks I’m drinking beer;
    That will bring us back to …

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