The worst cover in the world…ever

This is what happens when you play bad covers

The crowd did not respond well to the Pink Floyd cover (from bobaliciouslondon/CC)

Alright, so you’re all going to hate me for this one, but I simply couldn’t resist. If you are having a bad day, your sports team just lost an important match or you are currently on heart medication then I do not recommend watching the video below. It is by a long shot the worst cover in the world. Die-hard Pink Floyd fans may begin to tear their hair out (as I nearly did) after about a minute of this atrocious butchering of Comfortably Numb. It is, however, rather amusing in its horribleness…

Well that’s enough of that then! As I’m sure you’re all stunned by the sheer horror of what you’ve just encountered, I’ve embedded a genuine Pink Floyd version of the song below. Ahhh…much better. Watching the Pink Floyd version after that is like drinking an ice-cold beer after being force fed a bowl of rusty iron shavings.

~ by Ian on January 12, 2011.

One Response to “The worst cover in the world…ever”

  1. Wow… I’m shocked! That was really bad. Thanks for adding the Pink Floyd version, I feel better now šŸ™‚

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