Blues Transformation

Andrew of the Gloucester Blues Project plays his guitar

The Gloucester Blues Project is in the midst of a musical transformation. Having recently lost a vocalist to the wilds of Botswana, we have been forced to regroup and rethink. This inevitably involves getting the charcoal out, firing up the braai and steadily working our way through an unmentionable number of beers while nattering about everything from the power of social media to the likelihood that English footballer John Terry will outdo Rooney when it comes to scandalous affairs. We do, however, hope that we’ll wake up the next morning and through a hazy headache, the plan for the rebirth of the band will somehow be clear, laid out in glorious detail…or perhaps not.

The reality is that finding common musical ground and coming together to produce something austere and original is no easy task. Whilst I take nothing away from blues masters like Stevie Ray Vaughan or Buddy Guy, I’m of the belief that they were helped along in no small part by the remarkable musicians that played alongside them. So, regardless of the outcome of our band reinvention,  a common focus and a mutual understanding will be necessary core factors. It’s either that, or we’ll agree to disagree, crack open another beer and change our name to ‘The Gloucester Jazz Experiment’. Stay tuned for the spine-tingling conclusions…

~ by Ian on November 1, 2010.

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